About us

TAVARLIN GmbH is a young company that specializes in the supply of carbohydrate-reduced foods, especially adapted to the needs of persons suffering from cancer.  TAVARLIN AG was founded in 2007, but since October 2016 we operate under TAVARLIN GmbH.

The driving force behind our philosophy is the desire to support cancer patients to our utmost. To achieve this objective, we pursue the latest scientific findings and supply high-quality products, which we have developed and selected with great care by applying both functional and qualitative criteria.

TAVARLIN is certified in accordance with the new European directive since July 2010 (DE-ÖKO-005) and is striving to offer many of its products in organic quality. Not all of our products are allowed to carry the BIO label due to some special ingredients, which aren't available from organic production. However, these also contain as many ingredients as possible in organic quality.